Michael’s photographic focus is on portraits and in the sphere of sport, placing athletes and their sport-specific movements in aesthetic surroundings. In this harsh and super fast-paced environment he has managed to create iconic and special settings, staging athletes in the studio as well as on location. Using a unique interpay of light and color, lines and forms, playing with perspectives and expectations. Michael manages to create beauty and sense of close comradeship where pain, exhaustion and absolute body control reign. Treating every sport as  an art in its own right, he creates an aesthetic language for each of them, working the concept from the inside out, thereby truly revealing the intricacies of each sport and its protagonists. Michael’s work is characterised by precision, accuracy, revealing both intrinsic beauty and raw emotion. It is at once strong while retaining essential elements of softness.


BFF Member/Mitglied - 



2019 - Jung von Matt Gallery #7, Solo Exhibition, Hamburg
2019 - Umweltfotofestival, Zingst
2018 - CHAMP, Solo Exhibition, Speicherstadt/Hamburg
2017 - Salon de la Photo, Paris
2017 - Photoplus Expo, New York
2017 - The Photography Show UK, Birmingham
2017 - Duesseldorf Photo Weekend, Düsseldorf
2016 - Art Cologne, Köln
2015 - Kunstmesse BERLINER LISTE, Berlin 
2014 - Kunstmesse BERLINER LISTE, Berlin 
2012 - Katapult, Frankfurt 
2012 - Schauraum, Dortmund 
2012 - Katapult, Finalist, Frankfurt/Germany 
2012 - Atelier Alter Kiosk, Dortmund 
2011 - PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, Galerie Espace Dupon, Paris 
2011 - Wiesbadener Fototage, Schaufenster Mergel, Wiesbaden 
2011 - Opus Kulturmagazin, Saarbrücken 
2011 - Galerie Arteversum, Düsseldorf 
2010 - IPA Award, The Alice Tully Theatre, New York 
2010 - Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie, Kunsthalle, Darmstadt 
2009 - Kinki Magazin, GEZ Galerie, Stuttgart 
2008 - In Dortmund Parks, Berswordthalle, Dortmund


2023 - dodho Color Award Finalist 2023
2019 - Int´l Photography Awards 2019, Honorable Metion - Professional: Sports
2013 - ADC Thesis Student Award, Bronze 
2012 - Int´l Photography Awards 2012,1 st Place Fine Art: Abstract 
2012 - Int´l Photography Awards 2012, 3 st Place Special Effects 
2012 - Unit F Editorial Award, Fashion Winner, Wien/Austria 
2012 - Katapult, Finalist, Frankfurt/Germany 
2011 - PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris, Best New Talent 
2011 - PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris, 1 st Place Fashion 
2011 - PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris, 1 st Place Advertising 
2010 - Int´l Photography Awards 2010, Advertising Photographer of the Year 
2010 - Int´l Photography Awards 2010, 1 st Place Fashion 
2009 - Iconique Societas Fashion Award, Finalist

CLIENTS (selected)

DFB, Runners Point, FC Bayern München, FC St.Pauli, Red Bull, 
Universal Music, Saturn, THW, Deutsche Bahn, GEO Magazin,
Der Spiegel, GQ Magazin, Edel Verlag, Vice